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Enterprises are being asked to move at digital speed, with BI tools lagging in constant chase. Hear Neil Ward-Dutton, co-founder and Research Director at MWD Advisors, Sharda Cherwoo, Partner Ernst & Young LLP, and Manish Rai, VP of Product Marketing at Automation Anywhere discuss how embedded RPA analytics can help identify critical business trends like sales volume spikes and growing order backlog in real-time.

The webinar will cover:

  • Digital workforce trends
  • Business drivers for real-time digital worker insights
  • EY Tax’s experience in leveraging Bot Insight to gain real-time insights


استمتع بمنصة Automation 360، منصة التشغيل الآلي الذكي الرائدة في العالم مع دعم كامل كنسخة تجريبية مجانية لمدة 30 يومًا

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